Youngs Insurance Back To School Tips

Youngs Insurance Back To School Tips

Did you know you can extend your homeowners, condo or tenants insurance to your child at school, college or university and receive a discount for doing so? At Youngs Insurance Brokers we pride ourselves on keeping our customers informed; especially on discounts and coverage options available to them.

If your child is headed Back To School, they may benefit from the three insurance coverage discounts below;

Personal Property Insurance
If your child is temporarily away from your premises due to school, college or university you are able to extend your current homeowners, condo or tenants insurance coverage to insure your child’s personal property. The only stipulation here is that your child must intend on move back to your residence at the end of the school year.

Occasional Automobile Operator
If your child is attending school, college or university that is more than 100 kilometers from your residence they may qualify for a discount of 50% off their yearly premium (coverage). This allows you to keep gaining insurance history for your child, at a reduced rate while away at school.

Good Student Discount
If your child receives a grade of an “A” average or 80% or higher they may be eligible for a 15% discount off their yearly insurance coverage premium. If applicable a copy of the student’s transcript/report card must be made available to their insurance company. However, please note that this discount is only for those 25 years old and younger.

Not all of the coverage options or discounts above are applicable through all insurance providers; please contact your Youngs Insurance Broker to find out if your child is eligible for any of the Back to School discounts!