Ikh Gazriin Chuluu

The Great Gravel Mountain in Gobi-Ugtaal and Bayanjargalan soums of Dundgovi Aimag is the largest part of Mongolian granite. One of the unique scenic landscapes of the brisk cliffs and the cliffs of the cliffs, was to be protected under the State Great Hural decree No. 30 in 2003 to protect the natural beauty and geographical features. Mandalgovi is located 80 kilometers east.

The Great Depression is composed of two parts of the south-west of 20 kilometers. The highest point is the Eglug Mountain, 1706 meters high. The granite granite is composed of pinkish and coarse crystals, with longitudinal, vertical, criss-shaped surfaces. There are over 40 caves, including Tungain, Auntt, Ehii and Rashaant in the Great Rock Area. These are in granite slopes in the south of Ulziit and Sumber Mountain in eastern Mongolia. The cave is located in the southwest corner of the granite cliffs. It is 2 meters wide, 5 meters high, and 11 meters away. The Tumen cave is located at the foot of the rocky Cove. The total length is 27 meters, and the hole is the tip of the cave at the end of the cave. Ulgii Cave is located at 1.4 km east of Tungot Cave, and it is said earlier in the cave. There are many interesting rocky places, such as the rocks, the cats, the monster, the king and the queen. There is a memorial statue for the longest distance to the north of the Central Borjigon base.

The rock cliffs are surrounded by grasshoppers-herbs, including bushes, bushes and bushes. These caves are considered to be the only land that is small and close to the point of view.