Khorgiin Togoo

In the territory of Tariat soum, Arkhangai province, a late-eroded volcano eruption about 180 kilometers from the Tsetserleg town, it was abandoned 8,000 years ago. The affected area is 50 sq km. There are 2210 meters above sea level and the surrounding rocks, valleys, hills and valleys are of great significance, caves and hills. At the northernmost edge is the Khoroo pots and the household is 200 meters deep, 70-80 meters deep, and a slope of 30-36 degrees.

The cedar and the forest are covered with arched and verdant.

There is a stone house where people are familiar with the khoroo cookware. The hot melt was crushed when it melted and it was blown off. There are 10 rectangular cave and 10 door cave next door. There are 33 volcanoes, including the Khoroolol cove, the Ula ovoo, Uul spin, Tsagaan uul, Zalaa hill, Mandoo boulder and Shavre damai. In the midst of them, the river flows in the Suman, Gichgene and Chuluu rivers, which is another magnificent vulture. It is convenient to travel around the Khuvsgul cottage to visit the Uvgun khairkhan, Terkhiin Tsagaan lakes, Lake lakes, Yellow Dogs, ice caves and the Young Cave. The Crocodile sanctuary was made in 1965 under the pretext. According to the legend, people who had been drenched from wells had forgotten to cover their wells, leaving large quantities of water and flooding the valley. People shouted as “havoc”, because of the name “Khoroo”, and the water was called Terkhiin Tsagaan lake.

Terkh tsagaan lake: Located near Khoroo’s pot and located in Khangai mountain range, Terhyang River flows into hot melt. The water is 16 kilometers long, 6 kilometers wide, the area is 61 square kilometers, the depth is 20 meters, and 2060 meters above sea level. There are over 10 main streams in this lake. The only river that flows out of the river is the Sumyan River, which flows 50 km to the Chuluut River. The small island is located in the middle of the lake and the birds will nest their nest. In recent years, the richness of the fish has decreased due to the presence of illegal fishing and black goose. The black goose feeds up to 5 meters deep and dives into fish. Because of its abundance, it has a negative impact on nature and environment. There is a myth about the lake, and there is a heap of a levee on the east of Terkhiin Tsagaan lake. The people who came across the trunk saw suddenly suddenly looking at the lake and said, “Look at this white lake.” It’s called “Great White Lake” or “Terkhi Tsagaan Nuur”. It is 3 km from Terkhi white lake. The area is about 10 square kilometers.