Uran Togoo – Tulga Mountain

Uran is a volcanic eruption near the road to Hövsgöl’s Murun town, 80 km west of Bulgan province in Khutag-Undur soum, Bulgan province. This mountain is called the Uran Cave Mountain, which was first protected in 1965 under special protection. At 1686 m above sea level, boiling water on top, pan is 500-600 m wide and depth is 50-60 m. It has a circular lake about 20 meters in diameter and has a circular lake shape of 1.5m and surrounds the lake around the forest.

Tulga, Togoo, and Jaluu Mountain are 12 km south of Uran Mountains and are the mountains of the Quaternation. Last but not least, 20-25 thousand years ago, it was said to have fallen off. The turtles of the Tulga Mountain are left to the east, to the south, to the west, and to the left of the three-wheeled head like the three corners of the pit. They are called “Tulga” because they look like three cornerstones. Tulga Mountain is 1540 meters above sea level. The height of the fodder is about 1620 meters high and the house is completely empty, 400 meters deep and 100 meters deep and really shaped like a large sheep pan. On the west side of the taiga mountain, there is a mountain jungle, and it is located on the west side of the house. It is 1560 meters above the mountain. These mountains were taken by the State in 1965 and became the Natural Monument.

Growing of fertile black-brown and black earth soil, it grows in steppe, forest steppe, and steppe region. Not only are the forests, but also aspen, aspen and birch. Potatoes, mangoes, chinens, tulips, golds, jewels, ducks, cows, Astraws, Tops of Cotton, Mongolian Tuftan, medicinal and food plants, salads, foxes, fox tails, plants grow.

There are americans such as deer, argali, roe deer, pork, ibex, marmot, squirrel, brown rabbits, and moss. Spotted, sparrow, owl, cuckoo, orchid, and in summer. Reptile snakes in this region are common. During the cold season, these volcanic soils are warm and humid, and they are warmly embarrassed. There is a circular lake with a diameter of 20 meters and a depth of 1.5 meters. The surrounding lakes are surrounded by trees. The fertile steppe has a dirt soil that grows in steppe and forest steppe vegetation.

For example, the Shark golin stands, poplar, aspen and birch. There are also a variety of medicinal herbs, such as white potatoes, mangoes, chocolate, tulips, goldfish, ducks, cows, and augurs.

There is a grave and hieroglyphs in the Ikh Mountain Range.

Legend of the Uran Togoo:

It was early. The daughter of the governor is Urguun. Their father was cruel and stingy, but his daughter was kind. He was a young Erdenugtuya, who had no money collected in the land. Erdenehüüü is a craftsman and craftsman with a kettle and silver bowl engraved on the ground. He has a handyman with his own hands. In the countryside, “raid” guts in the countryside are usually filled with tea. Erdenekhuyag was disappointed by the daughter of the Governor-General. He’s good at it. Occasionally I met. The Governor of the two countries dismissed Erdenetuya away in the distant past. The water was filled with buckets and erased after Erdenekhuyag. Erdenekhuyag ran toward the local area, Uranoth was lost. When they met, they sat down to play the piano, while the commander of the royal army killed the Erdenetheya and took Urang. The cooked red bean stew. Now this legendary mountain in the Khuvsgul province is called Urantogoo.