Ulaan Tsutgalan

There are many beautiful natural landscapes in Mongolia. There is a lot of foreign tourists, and our eyes are soaked in one of the worlds, is the Red River, which flows from Mongolia’s largest 25 m high. The Red River is the first to find a waterfall, just a gravel. During the war, several Mongolian soldiers were killed in the killing. One of the Mongol soldiers was a “learned” soldier, who had been rushed to the Red River with a red light along the red river. The corpse of the enemy of the flood was called the elbows of the Throne. Later, the animal died in that place, called the Uurt elbow. Since then, the Red Flats are called 10 gold jewelry for 10 lunar wages and white silver. This tributary is located in Bat-Ulzii soum of Uvurkhangai aimag, where thousands of local people visit the summer and take off their tiredness. Orkhon waterfall is 1 km away from the Red River. The Orkhon waterfall flows about 2.5 meters, and the rainy year is very beautiful. The Orkhon River is a very beautiful place, from the Red-tailed elbows to the beautiful elbows of Utredheit, which runs from 60 to 60 km long. The Batüzelite sum of Uvurkhangai province is my There is a lot of natural landscapes, one of which is the historical Red Tract. It is a place where people know about the history of the land, and have a place where tea is spread over the red spots of worship. Another story is that in the socianism for the purpose of confiscation of Buddhism, the people gave their gods and their property to red he said. In this scenic place where our ancestors lived, it was surrounded by mounds of fire, garbage, vodka, beer bottles and cans, and this place is called a protected area of ​​the Khangai region and there is nothing to protect it. They do not do anything different from tourists. Well, sometimes in a specially protected healthy soil, the inspectors go to the fires that burn open fire. Some relatives give them some liquor, some are like a head, such a minister, or a relative or relative of one of the chief ministers. It’s threatening the inspector. There are many Mongolian tourism companies. Drivers of some of the tourist companies are drinking alcohol and beer every night and abandon the soil. Despite the fact that rural families working in livestock husbandry sell their bones, some of them go down 50- 100 meters from red tide The fence, the fence and the fence of the calf, and the fence of the summer have fallen. Then it will disintegrate the soil. In addition, the herding families are self-catering, eco-ger, and business. There’s a lot of homestead and the rest of the guests are on the road to a healthy place. Such a chaos will not be expanded by the local governor and the local environmental inspector Regional National Parks are held every year. It was said that Eco-ger and herding families would not be over 500 meters away. They met for several years. In such a way, it is clear that the reddish-brown grounds of the surrounding area will remain in the pelvic floor of the lawn. Also, Mongolian tourists will dispose of waste everywhere and pollute the environment. Foreigners will not even dispose of sugarcane at dump sites. A local resident, Munkhbat, is more likely to be involved with the inspector, and the animal is pulled down by the foot of the animal. There is also a beautiful, beautifully-preserved Naiman Nuur near the red tributary of the country. I travel to Naiman Lake 5 to 10 times in the summer. His garbage is not too messy, but he does not want to be a policeman at the lake market every time he visits the Tserendorj guai. My grandfather says that he is a sign of the inspector. If that’s the case, we’ll end up with a garbage map full of foreign tourists in Mongolia. I want to take a momentary action with the police in every place where tourists are visiting. I remember the words of the old decay of a local decay. In the summer of 2006, when Grandpa was getting out of the water, I could not get out of the rain when I was getting out of the water, but it was commonplace that I was going to stay 3 km away when I was still young. But when you were 15 years old I told her that you were crying until her tears were over, because you could not become her master. That may be true.