Taikhar Chuluu

Within the territory of Ikhtamir soum of Arkhangai aimag, 22 km from Tsetserleg city is located on the North Tamir river. The height of the taillights is 18 meters and is a cliff made of granite. It struck the northern coast of the Tamir River for hundreds of millions of years.

There are over 150 patents in the YII-XYII century written in many other modern-day languages ​​such as Turk, Uighur, Mongolia, Tibet, Manchuria, China, but over the years they are becoming increasingly frail. Approximately 70 of the scriptures are written in Mongolian, and XY-XYII century Mongolian state figures read the names of Ohira Daun and Khalkh Tsogt Prince names in Oirat. In 1722 there was also a written letter from Enkh-Amgalan, the Warrior, by Ravana. The person who wrote the taiga stone wrote his name, and wrote his name and glory. It is still a sign of modern-day “… the NUM of this class ..” and it has been greatly influenced by the writings that have been written in the past.

The Taikhar Stone Myth The Taikhar Stone is a granite rock cliff located at the Tamir river in Arkhangai aimag, 47 ° 36 ‘north latitude and 101 ° 17’ east latitude. There are over 200 monuments written on the Taikhar Stone in runi, sog, uigur, kidds, mongolian, square, ruins, Tibetan, bright and lans. Legend: In ancient times a giant snake bore came out and ate human beings, destroyed the land, drought and hunger. The people of the country wanted to speak to the good people of the state and to the Bugbuilding, to overthrow the giant snake and to save them from danger. He was a man of great compassion in Bbbil, and hurried out of the house to save people from danger. One of the big stones in Bulgan Mountain was carrying a large stone and took a snake. Stone was too heavy for him, so he sat down on a mountain. The mountain that he sits on is called a square, like a chair, called the Golden Sand. Then he took the stone and said that he was going to land, and he called the land as Judge Shaq Tal. When he reached the ground, his five-piece mountain was formed. He named the 5 mountains as 5 bucks. So a good man went to Bumblebee to find a serpent that came out of the cob, and after a few days of snake, he defeated and threw a stone on the serpent’s head. But at the bottom of the serpent, the serpent moved his bow and bowed to the bow. The serpent moved. It is said that the bow is seen on the high ground on the Tailhole. However, the serpent was very long and the tails started to burst the people, bringing the top of Mount Bumblebury to the top of the hill, and the serpent died and the people were saved from death. The small mountain peak is 5 km from the Tavan Tolgoi and is named after the Mogoi hill. All these places are located in Ikhtamir soum of Arkhangai aimag.