Read this as you may be surprised, but fighting peacefully against dictatorship is twice as effective as fighting. In the fight, only a small percentage of the population – 3.5 percent – is enough to attend, and their struggle is successful, leading to a change in society, BBC Agency’s David Robson emphasizes.

There are many examples to prove this. In 1986, millions of Filipinos were out of town on the streets of Manila and protested that the Yellow Revolution / Marcos dictatorial regime collapsed four days later. In 2003

The Georgian people had a bloody parliamentary bloc in the hands of the Rosary Revolution, without the flow of blood. In this way, ordinary citizens participated in a protest movement, leading to a sharp change in the society by winning the upper class of politics.

Of course, there are many reasons to choose a way to combat the use of force. However, according to the research by Harvard University’s political scientist Erika Chenovet, it is clear that fighting peacefully is not merely a matter of ethics. The Road to Fight is a more effective way to change world politics than other means.

According to Henmark, who studied the facts about the hundreds of resistance movements over the 20th century. “The likelihood of achieving the goal through the use of force without being used is twice as high as the operating force”. Although the event was based on many factors, only about 3.5 percent of the population had actively participated in protest actions.

During his study, Henovsky attempted to recognize the philosophical concept of past influential Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. They have demonstrated how great their power is to demonstrate their peaceful ways.

Co-founder of the Colorado State University Chenovet met with researcher Maria Stephan, an international research center on non-violent crises, to study public protests over the period 1900-2006. In this way, the fight against human trafficking, bomb explosions, destruction of infrastructure objects, and harm to the health and property of the people is considered as a violation of violence.

The two researchers gathered documents about the 323 protests and the peaceful demonstrations of the violence. The results of the study were “The reason for the success of civil resistance. The Coalition of the Road to the Strategy of Taiwan “was published in the book, which attracted people’s interest.

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