New project in agricultural sector to commence in 2020

The document of a project ‘Formulation of master plan on the agricultural value chain’ was signed today by officials of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry (MOFALI), National Development Agency (NDA) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

The 3-year project will commence in January 2020, to which JICA will render supports in the formulation of the Master Plan (MP) and its Action Plan (AP) to strengthen agriculture and livestock value chains that can effectively link production, distribution, processing and sale/export based on market needs.

The project will also conduct pilot activities such as promotion of processed vegetables and milk collection logistic improvement.  

Agriculture and animal husbandry are one of the key industries in Mongolia, but the fields are being still encountered by challenges such as overgrazing, grassland degradation and unstable food production. In addition, technological modernization and improvement of distribution networks are demanded in the sector. In consideration of these conditions, the Government of Mongolia put forward a request to the Government of Japan for the formulation of a Master Plan to enhance agricultural and livestock value chains in Mongolia. Accordingly, JICA already conducted the detailed survey in February, 2019 to identify areas where JICA, MOFALI and NDA can work together, including production, processing, distribution, and marketing of Mongolian agriculture and livestock products.

The project is believed to promote the Mongolia’s agricultural value chain and contribute sustainable development of agriculture and livestock industries.  

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