Balloon to be launched next month from central square

This year marks 380th anniversary of the foundation of capital city of Mongolia. On occasion of the anniversary, Governor Office of the capital city and Ulaanbaatar City Tourism Department in collaboration with Mongolian Aerospace Research and Science Association (MARSA) announced a competition ‘Our creations in the space’ among school children aged 12-15. Children can compete with any works that they think the work should be sent to space.

On October 29, selected works of the children will be sent to 38 thousand meters above, with the special high-altitude balloon. “Preparation is complete. The balloon will carry Ulaanbaatar city’s symbol—Garuda and names of randomly selected 380 citizens of Ulaanbaatar city besides the selected works. The balloon will do some duties including to collect information of air quality of the capital and perform scientific task. Ulaanbaatar city will be the second capital in the world to launch a high-altitude balloon from its central square. A joint team of Mongol Koosen College of Technology and Japan’s Chiba Institute of Technology will launch the balloon,” said D.Batsukh, chief of the Ulaanbaatar City Tourism Department.

The competition aims to improve children’s scientific knowledge and attract children to aerospace research and space business fields. Children are available to send their works until October 14.  

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