Another wonder of Gobi Desert in Mongolia is Three Beauties of Gobi as a monstrous shake stone mountain. This mountain has soak shake dividers pursued a persistent stream. Length of Yol Valley proceeds with 8 km.
The mountain gorge named after Lammergeier, which is called Yol in Mongolian. Situate at stature of 2800 m above ocean level, in territory of 64 sq.km. Yol Canyon shapes a chasm that is profound and limited.
The ice field achieves a few meters thick before the finish of winter, and is a few km long. In past years it remained all year, yet the cutting edge ice field will in general vanish by September. Despite the fact that the sun sparkles a ton in this sight, the gorge stays dull and a portion of the bluffs are 200 m tall, so that in the last, a piece of the waterway remains about throughout the entire year secured by a thick layer of ice.
This zone has been primary fascination of sightseers for a long time. Exceptionally wide at the passage, it limits step by step into an amazing chasm. At the point when vacationer strolls through in this restricted valley, they welcome one another and trade a few words.

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